Unit 15 Career Development Assignments


reasons so job rotation is a normal phenomena in any organisation. 0ifelong learningEvery job you do no matter how experienced you are, you will always keep on learning. (his is what lifelong learning is. 0ifelong learning adds up to the experience of an individual. 3or example if you are apilot, you will keep on learning along the way how tofly different aircraft, different functions of an aircraft, learning how to fly in an emergency or bad weather so along the way of any career albeit a pilot, you will always constantly learn something new. 7etraining Due to workplaces and organisations always upgrading due to many factors like enhancement of technology and more effectiveness, retraining programs are essential to have so that the workforce at organisations can always adapt according to the reuired reuirements. 3or examplefor selected job which is a pilot, due to the planes becoming more advanced, the controls on the plane are changing so it is important for the workforce to be trained to the new planes so that they can upgrade their skills according to what is new. 8.Explain which of these methods you may need to achieve your career aim and why3rom the above, I will need to complete an induction in the first day or week of my job. (his is important because it will help me get use to the organisations policies and practices. (his will normally include an introduction to the organisation, an outline of my job role, an introduction to my team members and a guided tour of the premises. (his will make the transition as smooth as possible for me and make me comfortable in my new role. I will also need to complete performance appraisals once or twice a year at least. (his is important because it will give me an opportunity to improve on my existing skills and learn new skills. It will also allow me to reflect on my progress so I am able to know how to better myself and what I need to do in order to progress further. (his is crucial in order for me to succeed because if I do not know what to improve upon, I can never build on my strengths and change my weaknesses into strengths. I will also aim for job rotation within my selected organisation. (his is because it will allow me to work in various departments in a number of positions within one organisation. (his is important because it will give me ability to work with a range of people and I will learn a number of

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