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Kite Runner: Compare and Contrast Baba and Amir’s Sins

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In Khaled Hosseini’s novel, The Kite Runner relationships drive the plot. The connection between father and son plays a major roll in the characterization of two main character, Amir and Baba. Throughout the beginning of the novel, Amir is constantly looking for his Baba’s approval. Amir believes Baba wants him to be more like him, yet we find they are much more similar than they know, both committing tragic sins. Amir grew up very privileged. Baba gave him almost everything they could have wanted. He had a beautiful house, a father, and caretakers, Ali and Hassan.

Hassan is just a year younger than Amir and they were raised together. Hassan proves is unrequited loyalty throughout the story but especially when he runs a kite for Amir. When Assef and other boys stop Hassan in an alley asking for the kite, Hassan refuses. Amir finds the boys and doesn’t defend Hassan when they make threats, but instead remains unseen and heard. In the end, he watches Hassan get raped. He carries this mistake with him throughout the novel. The kite was extremely important to Amir.

He won a kite flying competition that Baba once won. He believed showing the kite he won off to Baba would finally secure his approval. He even says that was the key to Baba’s heart. Consequently, Amir turns into the kind of person Baba didn’t want him to become; a man who doesn’t know right from wrong. This proves to be true when Amir sacrificed Hassan for a kite. He committed this sin for selfish reasons. He thought only of himself how it would benefit his relationship he wanted so badly with his father. Baba has also made a tragic mistake.

Ali was once married to Sanaubar, Hassan’s mother. But it was found that Ali was sterile. Throughout Amir and Hassan’s lives they believed Amir’s father was Baba and Hassan’s father was Ali. It wasn’t until Baba, Hassan, and Ali died that Rahim Kahn told Amir the truth. Baba had an affair with Sanaubar making Hassan Baba’s son. Although Baba supported Hassan and was there during his childhood, Baba never claimed him as his own son. This sin was committed with a less selfish reason in mind. Claiming Hassan would have taken Ali’s honor away.

It also would have potentially opened up Hassan to ridicule being a Hazara with a Pashtun father. Baba’s guilt is shown by his philanthropy. He builds the orphanage in Afghanistan and constantly helps other people. This is a way he dealt with not recognizing the other son he had. Although it seems the two sins were driven by two totally different morals, they are quite similar. Ali and Hassan did not change. They stayed loyal and modest people looking out for people who did not do the same. In the end, both of the sins represent betrayal.

Amir and Baba both betrayed the people who would have done anything to them, making the mistakes much worse. No matter the motives for committing the sin to begin with. Amir and Hassan both made mistakes and it wasn’t until the later part of Amir’s life that he was able to wipe away the guilt of both Baba and his own sins. Because Hassan has died, Amir takes his son, Sohrab, from Afghanistan to America. Amir not only finally stood up for Hassan, he acknowledged Sohrab as his nephew like Baba could never acknowledge Hassan as his son.

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Kite Runner: Compare and Contrast Baba and Amir’s Sins

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The Relationship Between Baba And Amir

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